The Moonmantini and other drinks you’ll find at our anti-VMA party Sunday

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Teen Momosa, anyone?

While One Direction draws legions of tweens who’ve never been to Brooklyn before to mob Barclays Center for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, the rest of us actual music fans will be 1.7 miles down the street, having actual fun listening to actual music at Brokelyn’s I Wanted My MTV party. You already know we’re going to be showing classic music vids, playing games like Remote Control and the Duran Duran game, singing karaoke and much more. But what about the drinks, you say? The talented staff of Last Exit has whipped up some a special MTV-themed cocktail menu, just for the occasion!

The official I Wanted My MTV cocktail list:

vodka, white cranberry juice, cointreau, lime and a splash of blue Curacao

Martha Quinn and Tonic
your basic gin and tonic with cucumber and mint

Sweet Iced TRL 
sweet tea vodka & raspberry vodka topped with soda and a splash of sour

Teen Momosa*
Prosecco with orange juice and a splash of peach schnapps

*not to be consumed while pregnant.

Also, you’ll get to play these games:

You should have The Reflex skills to win this.
You should have The Reflex skills to win this.

Party starts at 7pm at Last Exit. RSVP and find more details here!

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