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The VMAs are in town. Let’s party to MTV’s glory days instead

Money for nothin'. Poster by Meghan Doherty
Money for nothin’. Poster by Meghan Doherty

The MTV Video Music Awards are in Brooklyn for the first time this weekend, and this makes us laugh, mainly while thinking of the Kim Kardashians and their faux-celebrity teevee ilk will walking down a street largely known these days as a very public restroom. MTV hasn’t been cool in ages, and the network holding its seminal event in the capital of cool surely will include some cloying attempt at honoring BK’s music history (leave Adam Yauch alone!).

You could take out some of your aggression by launching water balloons full of mayonnaise off your roof with dreams of soaking Chris Brown; OR you could come party with us as we celebrate the golden age of MTV, with ACTUAL VIDEOS! We’re hosting a big, FREE party called I Wanted My MTV down the road at Last Exit on Sunday, featuring lots of relics of MTV’s glory days. Details below:

Let’s face it: we all grew up with MTV, and it probably shaped a lot of who we are (see: 120 Minutes, The motherfreaking STATE). So instead of griping about how MTV has long ago traded videos for shows about pregnant millennials and turbo-charged bennies, let’s celebrate the good days!


FREE!!, Sunday 8/25, at Last Exit, 136 Atlantic Ave. (just 1.7 miles from where celebs will be entering the actual VMAs at Barclays), 7pm-midnight


-Actual classic MTV videos from our friends at the Golden Age of Music Video
-Special MTV themed cocktails including the Long Island Iced TRL and the Martha Quinn and Tonic
-MTV-branded karaoke (circa 2001)
-Classic music television celeb photo booth!
-Retro MTV games, including REMOTE CONTROL!
-Justin Beiber dart board
-Possibly a guy in a Blind Melon bee suit (?!?)
-Late night screenings of The State (if everyone sticks around long enough)

Come down and have some fun with us, and let us never speak the name Snooki again.

RSVP on Facebook here.

Thanks to Last Exit for hosting, The Golden Age of Music Video for VJing and Meghan Doherty for the poster!

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