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The Levee is staying open, but there may be bad news anyway

Still alive! But... via Facebook
Still alive! But… via Facebook

Last night, the Brooklyn Twittersphere was all aflutter after reports from Eater that The Levee was the latest Williamsburg institution to pack up and leave. Fortunately, that turned out not to be true, and we were spared 14,000 nostalgia pieces about “the old Williamsburg.” Still, the statement from The Levee’s owners left some room to worry.

The statement, posted to their Facebook wall read:

Hey, friends. We’re fine. Our paperwork for our license renewal never made it to the SLA, so we’re playing it safe and staying closed until our new license comes in. We’re gonna take this next month to make some much needed improvements to the bar, and hopefully be back better than ever. Thanks for the outrage and love and support!

Emphasis ours. So yeah, it’s great that they’re still gonna be there for cheap beer and shot deals and cheeseballs but…what kind of improvements are we talking here? The bar was already perfect, absolutely perfect, so our hackles are raised by the idea that something could happen to the pinball or the pool table or the sight of the old jukebox being replaced by one of those internet ones that every other damn bar has.

Don’t make any changes guys! Just get your paperwork to the SLA in a timely manner so we can still have a place in Williamsburg to get stumbling drunk with just a $20 bill in our wallet.

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