The Lego Movie is a thing, and Lego creation could be featured in it

Can you smash the competition? via ArtInfo
Can you smash the competition? via ArtInfo

We’re still waiting to find out that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are real (and live in an underground sewer somewhere in Bed-Stuy) but it turns out at least some childhood dreams do come true; Warner Bros. is making a movie about Legos, and they’re holding a contest that could land your Lego creation a role in the film.

The movie, ingeniously titled, The Lego Movie, sounds like it’ll be fun: Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, Nick Offerman, Allison Brie and Elizabeth Banks will reportedly be lending their voices to the film, and it’ll be directed by 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. And they’re looking for some innovative fan-produced Lego creations to feature; starting today, if you register on, you can upload and submit a 15-30 second video clip. The clips should be related to the film’s plot, and though details are hazy, the producers do give a few hints: “The citizens of the LEGO universe rally to prevent an unspeakable disaster. They do this by quickly disassembling the elements of their environments, brick by brick, and rebuilding them into fantastic and fun hybrid vehicles and tools—the stranger and more innovative, the better, like rocket/dragons or butterfly/speedboats—to take part in an epic battle.” 

Dragons! Rockets! Speedboats! Lego Congressmen! The disastrous possibilities are endless! The contest runners ask that videos feature Lego creations from popular Lego worlds like  Space, Pirates, Western, Vikings, Dino and Castle, and that clips be uploaded via YouTube. Those videos will be posted on’s Building Challenge page, and site members will “like” their favorites; the 25 clips earning the most “likes” will be submitted to the filmmakers, who will choose one winner. Prizes include a trip for two to Warner Bros. Studios in California, for a VIP Tour, a meeting with the directors, a LEGO film camera and souvenirs from the movie set, signed by the designers. And if the clip is good enough (and ultimately works with the film), the directors might even feature it in the movie’s climactic battle scene, so those Lego skills you started building in 1996 WILL FINALLY MAKE YOU A STAR!

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