The Greenpointers blog is for sale as founder moves to Harlem

The Greenpointers logoBlogs: so fun and easy  to start, and so hard to maintain. The Internet is everywhere littered with the carcasses of bygone blogs, casualties of new jobs, new romances, new priorities, and ultimatum-issuing spouses who are tired of going to bed alone while the you tap out just one more quick post, I swear. What to do with your blog when you’re done is one of the more vexing dilemmas of the craft, so let’s hope Greenpoint blogger Justine Carroll is onto something. Carroll, who has been publishing The Greenpointers for four years, is moving to Harlem and she’s looking for someone to buy the hyperlocal news and events chronicle she created:

I’m moving out of the neighborhood at the end of the month (September 29th to be exact) and I’m letting go of my baby. The Greenpointers has been a part of my life since the summer of 2007 and has evolved into a resource for the community to see the latest news, happenings and gossip around the neighborhood. I’m very proud of what I created with the help of numerous contributors over the years.

The Greenpointers had a respectable readership of almost 18K uniques last month, and Justine is including social media IDs, existing content and the original gmail account in the deal. She told us she’s already had several offers in the $1,000 to $2,000 range, but that she’s less interested in the money than what the buyers “envision for it.”

Harlem-bound: Greenpointers founder Justine Carroll.
Harlem-bound: Greenpointers founder Justine Carroll.

So why the big move? Justine writes in an email:

I am moving to Harlem to sublet a ridiculously cheap apartment from a friend for a year to save money and then I’m moving upstate NY to be closer to friends. Something in a 50 mile radius of Albany.

Justine will be missed around Greenpoint. She covers her beat with verve, wit, authenticity and a determined news sense, and her blog’s cool look and feel reflect the artsy sensibility of her neighborhood. We hope The Greenpointers winds up in good hands.

Interested? Read more here, and reach Justine at [email protected].

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