Get it while you can: The end is nigh for tax-free online shopping

Yes, even for online purchases. Via Bastiat Institute.
Yes, even for online purchases. Via Bastiat Institute.

Alright everyone, it’s time to grab your tea and dump it in the e-harbor, because according to Racked, the days of tax-free online shopping are over. Maybe. This past Thursday, lawmakers introduced The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013, a bill that seeks to destroy our inalienable right to cheat the system while lounging in our underwear.

That’s right. No one is exempt from taxes. Not massive online corporations, not freelancers. This is America, after all.

Apparently, prior to this, large online retailers like Amazon were able to avoid taxing shoppers by building their distribution centers in tax-free states, which enabled us to save up to 10% on our online purchases. But alas, these golden days may be no more. The Marketplace Fairness Act seeks to implement a uniform sales tax policy, effectively shutting the secret discount loophole that we’ve all been enjoying from the comfort of our living rooms.

However, because there is still a marginal bit of justice left in the e-world, if passed, the bill will exempt smaller businesses from charging said tax. So there’s a bit of marketplace fairness for you.

No word yet on when the bill may pass, so indulge in your taxless freedom by going on your online shopping sprees…while supplies last. 

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