The Brooklyn Nightlife Awards: a party for your parties

Kind of a drag: Merrie Cherry is the event's hostess. Via Next Magazine.
Kind of a drag: Merrie Cherry will be your hostess for the evening. Via Next Magazine.

The Brooklyn scene has officially gotten so big that it now needs nightlife to celebrate its nightlife. And what better way to do that than with drag queens, an awards show, and a night out in Williamsburg? This Sunday, the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards are going down, and they’re taking you with them.

Hosted by Murray Hill and Merrie Cherry, the BNA will be held at Glasslands and will be presenting categories in awards such as “Favorite Door Person,” “Best Food Truck,” “Best Event Publisher” (ahem), and “Best Burlesque/Boyleseque Dancer.” And because they know what you really care about and what you’ve been missing these past few months, there’s also a category for “Best Venue with a Patio.”¬†Performers run the range between drag, burlesque, hip-h0p, and pop, so much like the Brooklyn night scene, you’ll probably find something you like somewhere, even if you have to have a drink or two before you admit it.

The BNA seem primarily like a venue for promoters to meet each other and form a more cohesive, familiar night life scene, but why not show up and support the parties and establishments where you spent the last year sloshing your weekends away?

And there’s an added bonus. Between its drag king and queen MCs, presenters from queer events Hey Queen and Hot Rabbit, the after party at This N That,¬†and the page moderator repeatedly referring to the event’s followers as “bitches,” we can’t help but notice that this event seems a little…gay. Acknowledging this, Merrie Cherry clarifies that the party is “straight-friendly,” but anyone still wondering where to find the queer scene in Bushwick should probably stop wondering and just come out.

Purchase your tickets here or at the door.

The Brooklyn Nightlife Awards, Sunday, Janurary 27th, 9pm, Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, $10

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