The Brooklyn Eagle on our birthday bash

Anna selling raffle ticketws to our party-goers
Anna selling raffle tickets to our party-goers

In case you missed it, Brokelyn had a huge, awesome party a couple weeks ago to celebrate year number one. It was a blast: raffle prizes, entertainment, free drinks… even some love for our libraries. We hope you were there. But if you couldn’t make it out that night, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has a nice story on our special evening. There’s a run-down of the festivities and prizes, and a bit on the beginnings and workings of the site you love. The story’s subtitled “Cheap Living Blog Celebrates Year of Thrift,” and we couldn’t be prouder.

One highlight noted by Eagle writer Jess Goodwin was the free cocktail happy hour—a deliciously tart and regretfully? (nah) strong little number. After that hour… well, we’re grateful to the Eagle for recapping the rest, especially all those amazing Raffle prizes, which, Goodwin notes “weren’t kiddie birthday party favors, either.” That’s for sure.

Really, it seems everyone had a good time. Goodwin writes that “The crowd started out thick and stayed that way,” which we love to hear. And Brokelyn contributor Nina Koske sums the night up: “It’s been an amazing turnout,” she tells Goodwin. “We planned for the best, and the best has happened.”

Read the full Eagle story here.

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