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We know that Brooklyn is a place of crazy entrepreneurship, endless innovation and boundless excitement. And we know that our readership, while they may be broke, loves to get in a support an idea they fill is worth some of their hard-earned money. Which makes Brooklyn a particularly ripe place to run successful crowdfunding campaigns: Kickstarters, Indiegogos, Lucky Ants, Rockethubs or anything else that plays up the appeal of you, the consumer, supporting an idea you truly believe in.

That’s why today we’re rolling out our brand-new Brokelyn feature: the crowdfunding directory! It’s your place to check in on all the ideas your fellow Brooklynites are incubating, pick some to support (when you have the money) and add your own to share it with the Brokelyn community. Submit yours here: we’ll be rounding up the best picks of the week, with the goal of connecting those in need of funding with your eager neighbors looking to support cool upcoming local projects. Check out some of this week’s highlights below, ranging from an artist-direct music distribution service to a new community garden in Crown Heights.

This week in Brooklyn crowdfunding:  

Project: Roger That! Garden

Nature, Food, Community – these are the central tenents of the Roger That! Garden Project. We’re building a garden in Crown Heights featuring native ornamentals and food that will be donated back to the community. We’ve been raising funds to buy plants, soil, building materials, and tools. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come help us clean, construct, and cultivate this ever-growing green space!
Deadline: May 18. – Nonprofit Music Distribution

WIth DISTRO, you contribute directly to an artist by subscribing to them. Once you subscribe, you automatically receive new music from that band for a year. The music you receive can be streamed or downloaded from your DISTRO music library, or can appear in your iTunes or Spotify libraries.
Deadline: May 20. 

Project: Charlotte Patisserie is on Lucky Ant
This summer Charlotte Patisserie wants to add to their offering with a sorbet machine. Michael quit his job as a plumber to become a pastry chef. After culinary school and some time interning in France, he came back to Brooklyn to open Charlotte Patisserie with his sister Magda.
Deadline: May 29. 

Project: Other Travel
An unconventional publication spearheaded by Hayden Dunham and Meriem Bennani, who wanted to bring light to emerging artists in NYC. Meriem & Hayden craft a gift for an artist and in response the artist creates another gift. The Other Travel Publication will be a record of these exchanges and will be launched in conjunction with an exhibition showcasing pieces produced through this process. The gifts will be installations and art objects that the artists are asked to respond to.
Deadline: May 31.

Project: Film – Food and Human Justice

We all know that there is more interest in food now than ever before, yet, no one is talking about the people who pick our food, the hundreds of thousands of hard working individuals to whom we are all connected through our purchases at supermarkets, farmers’ markets and restaurants. FOOD CHAIN explores the state of labor within the agriculture sector in the US and the immoral practices that affect the lives of countless thousands of farm workers.
Deadline:  May 29.

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