You can help make sure Atlantic Avenue doesn’t get another Subway

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Definitely could use a comic shop. Just sayin’. via Brooklyn Paper

Not unlike Stephen Levin’s recent attempt to involve his constituents in the decision on how to spend one million dollars from the city, we’ve now got more decisions being placed into the hands of you, the people. Via Brooklyn Heights Blog comes news that the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District is polling people to see what they want from new retail developments on Atlantic Avenue. 

The survey touches on age and household demographics, shopping habits and where you live, in an effort to seek out “the best possible tenants to fill our vacant storefronts” according to the BID. As a block that seems to stretch on forever, Atlantic Avenue has no shortage of places to stop in and spend money. If you asked us, a comic book shop would be nice, but in an ideal world, there would be one of those on every corner. Make sure you take the survey and get your voice heard though, before KFC/Taco Bell sends an army of poll takers to skew the results to read “more popcorn chicken and chalupas.”

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  1. a subway is better than an empty storefront.
    I don’t understand the chain-store hate.
    If someone had a better idea nothing was stopping them.

    • Yes, a large conglomerate company and a random guy with a local bank loan have exactly the same resources available to them. And the real estate hawking community in NYC gives more than zero sh1t5 about the latter.

      Thanks for playing though.

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