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7 best vegan sandwiches under $7

'Snice's tofu scramble wrap. Photo by Sarah Bibi.

Most people are repulsed and terrified by the thought of vegan food: We’ve all heard the stereotype of the malnourished waif who only eats sprout juice before jail-breaking a large herd of cattle from a farm in Pennsylvania. I’m not condemning (or condoning) this behavior, but let’s shed light on some misconceptions: vegans like myself, actually LOVE to eat, and with the amazing vegan fare available locally, I never find myself devoid of satisfying yet healthy options, even when I’m in on the go. Brooklyn is home to some of the yummiest and most affordable vegan options in the country: these 7 sandwiches under $7 aren’t just hummus and sprouts, and you certainly needn’t be vegan to enjoy them. 

1. The Tofu Scramble Wrap— $6, ‘Snice
315 5th Avenue (Park Slope)
My favorite menu item at this veggie-friendly restaurant, the Tofu Scramble Wrap (pictured above) is loaded with black beans, salsa, peppers, and a little kick of hot sauce. Extremely hearty and filling with its protein content, this wrap isn’t just for breakfast.

2. The Free Bill —$6.50, Hana Food
534 Metropolitan Avenue (Williamsburg)
Hana offers copious options for the vegan on a budget. The Free Bill combines grilled tofu, sun-dried tomato, basil, avocado, and olive oil on a roll. A vegan take on the traditional caprese but with this sandwich, who needs mozzarella?

3. The Mock Rib Sandwich — $5, Foodswings
295 Grand Street (Wiliamsburg)
Foodswings prides itself on being your one-stop shop for “vegan fast food,” boasting all the varieties of fake meat you can imagine. Their menu is extensive and extremely affordable. Try the Mock Rib Sandwich smothered in BBQ sauce and served on a hero. Enjoy all the tastiness of a McRib at MickyD’s without having to guess what animal you’re eating. Bonus: Foodswings has vegan milkshakes to wash down your meal! The ultimate win in comfort food.

4. The Club Avocado BLT — $7, The VSpot
156 5th Avenue (Park Slope)
The Club Avocado BLT is layers of tempeh bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado, and vegan mayo on whole wheat bread. The combination of fats (the healthy kind) in avocado adds extra umph to a traditional favorite and is a match made in heaven for tempeh bacon, a soy-based product that contains the ultimate level of protein, fiber and vitamins and is sure to satisfy even the most skeptical meat enthusiast. And not only does The V-Spot offer a Latin-inspired vegan menu, the establishment loves a deal: they recently offered a special on Groupon, but if you missed it, worry not: ScoutMob is offering its own discount of 50 percent off until March 22nd.

5. The Hill Bomber — $6, Boneshakers
134 Kingsland Avenue (Greenpoint)
Boneshakers understands Brooklyn folk are individuals. With customizable vegan additions like tempeh bacon, you decide how your sandwich is made. As someone who often feels guilty paying more than $10 for a vegetarian patty at restaurants, I’m grateful that Boneshakers offers The Hill Bomber, a veggie patty with lettuce and tomato for almost half that amount. Boneshakers has even confused Yelp reviewer Mark R. who says, “Oh hell yeah. Vegetarian food that’s still bad for me.” No Mark, it just tastes that good.

6.  The Walnut and Tofu Salad Sandwich — $4.34, Perelandra Natural Food Center
175 Remsen Street (Downtown Brooklyn/Brooklyn Heights)
Perelandra Natural Food Center might seems like your typical health food grocery store, but did you know they have a deli area too? With a daily rotation of vegan sandwiches and wraps, a visit to Perelandra is worth your hard-earned cash. The affordable walnut and tofu salad sandwich (think chopped tofu as an indistinguishable substitution for your chopped egg or chicken) is only $4.34 and the BBQ seitan sandwich on a kaiser roll is $6.09. Check their menu for a full rotation but you’ll have to call ahead for pricing.

Healthy Nibbles curry sandwich

7. The Vegan Chicken Curry Sandwich — $5.75, Healthy Nibbles
305 Flatbush Avenue (Prospect Heights)
It’s unfair to force me to choose just one vegan sandwich at Healthy Nibbles. It’s the perfect spot to take-out when you’re in the mood for wholesome, fresh and healthy, without the effort, though they also have ample seating. All sandwiches are served on your choice of a toasted vegan whole wheat bun or toasted flour-less organic sprouted grain Ezekiel bread. The vegan chicken curry sandwich is my personal favorite, piled high with creamy curried tofu, vegan mayo, raisins, shredded carrots and mixed greens. My friends have to wheel me home after this one. Add sweet potato fries for $3 but you might have to bring the expandable sweatpants for the cruelty free food coma.

Do you have a favorite, cheap vegan sandwich under $7? If so, let me know!


  1. Tim Donnelly

    I used to love the Soul Chick’n sandwich at Red Bamboo in Ft. Greene, but the restaurant de-vegetarianized last year and I haven’t been back since.

  2. California Burger at Vspot for $7; Veggie patty with caramelized onions, avocado, tomato, lettuce, and vegan mayo with a side salad. Also add Daiya for an extra $1.

  3. Christine

    I was actually going to suggest the Soul Chicken sandwich from Red Bamboo too! It’s $8 normally but if you get the lunch special (12:30-4PM) it’s $5.95 and comes with your choice of Collard Green Roll, Miso Soup, Garden Salad, or Caribbean Jerk Spiced Seitan.

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