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The 5 best cocktail bars in Greenpoint

Who doesn’t love a tasty craft cocktail? If you live in North Brooklyn or just love exploring the nabe, Greenpoint is a haven for clever, flavorful cocktails.

1. Milk and Roses
1110 Manhattan Ave

If you love anything witchy and quaint and dreamlike, this is the bar for you. I love this bar because they also have a beautiful backyard, which will make you feel like you’re momentarily not in Brooklyn. One of my favorites: Melody Nelson.

2. Troost
1011 Manhattan Ave

Troost is a great location if you want an intimate setting but not all the frills. It’s a wonderful neighborhood bar for a hang out or low key date. My favorite: Pink Fix.

3. Goldie’s
195 Nassau Ave

I love everything retro and with a slight rockabilly edge. If you do too, this bar is for you. There’s also a pool table, so what’s not to love? My favorite:  The Odness.

4. Anella
222 Franklin St

Anella’s a rustic classy gem that serves wonderful cocktails (but also a fabulous brunch). The atmosphere is whimsical and well-lit, which is definitely a plus for me. My favorite: Aviation. (Note: Anella is temporarily closed for repairs, but plans to reopen in early fall).

5. Elder Greene
160 Franklin St

Elder Greene has an old-school rock vibe, with lots of natural light from the street and airy open windows. My favorite: Bloody Mary.

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