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The 4 best cocktail bars in Williamsburg

Who doesn’t love a delicious cocktail? If you live in North Brooklyn or just love exploring different neighborhoods, Williamsburg has so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. These are my favorites.

1. The Richardson
451 Graham Ave

Admittedly, The Richardson is my go-to bar, largely because it’s a mix of quaint, art deco, and jazz vibes. Since it’s huge, you’ll always find a place to sit or stand here. Even better, it never gets too loud. They are also, of course, home to many original cocktails. My favorite: Castle Black.

2. Ringolevio
490 Humboldt St

This is a hidden spot that is a true gem. It’s a wonderful brunch, dinner, and cocktail spot that has outdoor seating and is home to many musical performances. Basically, it’s got a little bit of everything. My favorite: Lavendula.

3. Rocka Rolla
486 Metropolitan Ave

This is more of a rock and roll dive bar with a jukebox, retro signs, pinball, and generally, amazing prices, but they also make some old favorites just the right way. This is a perfect bar if you don’t want the fanciness of a traditional cocktail bar, but want some personality. My favorite: Coffee Thing.

4. Zona Rosa
571 Lorimer St

Who doesn’t love a place that has delicious food and drinks? Zona Rosa, home of Chef Ivan Garcia’s Mexican cuisine, is home to a bar full of wonderful favorites, particularly their margarita variations. My favorite: Watermelon Margarita.

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