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The 20 best things to do this weekend, it came from outer space edition

1. Blast off to a live stage reading of Plan 9 From Outer Space, widely hailed as one of the worst movies ever made, featuring Michael Ian Black, Gilbert Godfried, John Hodgeman and more (Friday, Littlefield, $20)

2. Get in the last word at this month’s The Shed, with stories told about getting even, living your best life, and moving on. (Friday, The Shed, $donation)

3. Shop for the skeletons in your closet at the Goblin Market, a celebration of Halloween, natural history, gothic sensibility and everything macabre. (Friday, Duke’s Liquor Box, FREE).

4. Unleash your inner Storage Wars at Self-Storage, which provides 9 currently displaced artist-run spaces and projects a place to curate within a storage unit for a month. (Friday, Flux Factory, FREE)

5. Hack it up against the backdrop of a depression-era taxi cab strike: Waiting For Lefty is a series of vignettes about lovers, dreamers and hard scrabble folk just trying to make the world a better place. (All Weekend, Cloud City, $20)

6. Be popular at Art Pop with Le Youth, creating and celebrating color, chaos and creative mayhem while questioning the essence of art and pop. (Friday, House of Yes, $25)


Perfect your yarn-bombing (#) via Facebook
Get supplies for your yarn-bombing (#8). Photo via Facebook

7. Rock out with your gear out at the first annual Fear the Riff Expo where 50+ vendors have assembled the best in boutique guitar effects, amps and accessories. (Saturday, Brooklyn Expo Center, $10)

8. Get into the knitty gritty at the Kings County Fiber Festival, including crocheters, dyers, felters, knitters, quilters, spinners, and weavers and artists creating design works that incorporate fiber as an integral material. (Saturday, The Old Stone House, FREE)

9. Gaze at autumnal art at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition over two floors featuring grand, interactive installations making for a memorably affordable art show (Saturday & Sunday, Van Brunt Street, FREE)

10. Follow that snitch at Quiddich Practice with the Atlantic Dragons for an open practice, all experience levels welcome. (Saturday, Prospect Park, FREE)

11. Spice up your weekend at First Saturday: Beyond Borders celebrating Latinx and Hispanic culture across the Americas with performances by Locos Por Juana and Batala New York, a salsa party, and a celebration of tropical music with Geko Jones and Chiquita Brujita. (Saturday, Brooklyn Museum, FREE)

12. Celebrate the female essence at Planet X, one of NYCs biggest all female art events featuring artists to dancers to LED hoola-hoopers, and a collision of all things Art. (Saturday, Space X, $12)

13. Smut your stuff at the Hump! Film Festival and see creative, homegrown dirty movies under the welcoming umbrella of positivity and self-expression. (Saturday, The Roulette, $25)

14. Simply laugh at Kady Ruth Ashcraft and Jenny Nelson’s The Simple Show‘s second anniversary, featuring Jo Firestone, Carina Hsieh, Ryan Leach and more. (Saturday, The Footlight, $5)

15. Have your cake and eat it too at Angel Cakes premiere film screening with performances and a coming of age portrait showcase to be followed by a variety of anniversary celebrations. (Saturday, The Spectrum, $5)


Cast some sports spells Photo via the Atlantic Draggons
Cast some sports spells (#10). Photo via the Atlantic Dragons

16. Save yourself at Jean Gray’s the Church of the Infinite You. Sermons, drinks, food, music, nondenominational…only motivational. (Sunday, Union Hall, FREE)

17. Get jiggy with it at this week’s Fawknerds Game Masters game night with fun prizes. This week’s game is team jigsaw races (Sunday, Fawkner, FREE)

18. Wrestle with your outer demons and Japanese monsters at Kaiju Big Battel, a monstrous mob of maniacal villains come together to wage war against one another in this weekend’s wrestling ring. (Sunday, The Bell House, $15)

19. Leave room for more bad performances at The Ridiculous, the Raucous, the Romantic THE ROOM, an evening of romance, football, breast cancer, and the world’s most famous Flower Shop with mandatory interactive photo booth. (Sunday, Vital Joint, FREE)

20. Read more than just your cards at Autumn Equilibrium: a Tarot Workshop. This three hour workshop will lead a discussion of the Tree of Life, and guide students in the application of the Tree to each suit: Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles. (Sunday, Quimby’s Bookstore, $30)

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