Get your pardon: 5 last-minute Thanksgiving karma opportunities in 5 BK neighborhoods

Don't faint! via IG user @fit_alix
Don’t faint! via IG user @fit_alix

If you don’t feel like arguing politics with family this Thanksgiving and your last-minute Friendsgiving plans have fallen through, there are still ways to get into the holiday spirit, none of which involve spending $35 on a prix-fixe turkey meal for one.

At Brokelyn, we know that you’ve gotta give a little to get a little, and Thanksgiving’s less-than-proud past makes it a perfect time to put those karma pennies back into the piggy bank with some volunteer work or community service. Plus, it feels good to help other people!

Here are five fun ways to give back over the holiday in five different BK neighborhoods. If you happen to live in one, even better — you can meet your neighbors and gain a real sense of the community you’re going to be rallying with when shit gets real after the presidential inauguration in January.

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS: They vant to sack your blood

The New York Blood Center is in especially high need right now, but you can donate your blood without ever leaving the borough by heading to the Regal Cinemas (106 Court St.) in Brooklyn Heights. They’ll hook you up! (Get it?) Schedule an appointment for Friday Nov. 25, any time between 1:30pm and 7:30pm. You get a free movie ticket for donating too.


Most of the time they have God, but they could use a few helping hands, too. via website
Most of the time they have God, but they could use a few helping hands, too. via website

BED-STUY: Volunteer in a soup kitchen

They don’t pick up the phone too often and they’re without a real online presence, but the Greater St. Stephen United Church of God (874 Myrtle Ave.) in Bed-Stuy is in need of volunteers this Thanksgiving at their food pantry at soup kitchen. Show up on Thursday, Nov. 24 at around 9am and ask for Sister Sheila and they’ll put you to work for the day.


Give yourself the 'greenlight' to do some good this week. via Tumblr
Give yourself the ‘greenlight’ to do some good this week. via Tumblr

PROSPECT LEFFERTS-GARDENS: Be one of Santa’s (ok, whatever the Thanksgiving equivalent of Santa is) little shelvers

Greenlight Bookstore has had its new Prospect-Lefferts Gardens location in the works for a while now, and it’s finally becoming a reality this weekend. The last step? Shelving books! DNAinfo reports the store is in need of volunteers to help shelve some 10,000 books for their grand opening on Saturday, aka Small Business Saturday. You can help out on Thanksgiving Day between 10am and 3pm, or during various shifts on Friday: 10am-2pm, 2pm-5pm and 5pm-8pm.


The dog days don't have to be over. via @go.deed on IG
The dog days don’t have to be over. via @go.deed on IG2

WILLIAMSBURG: Give (and get) a little puppy love

I can’t cite a scientific study, but I dare someone to challenge me on this: No volunteer opportunity provides as mutual of a benefit as walking dogs. The BARC shelter (253 Wythe Ave.) in Williamsburg is always in need of volunteers to promenade their pups around the nabe, and they’ve got regular walking hours on Thanksgiving Day.

Picture it: deserted neighborhood streets, an overcast fall day, a happy canine by your side… you could even do this with an S/O. Just drop into the shelter anytime on Thanksgiving Day between 9:30am and 12pm for a morning walk, or 5:30pm – 7:30pm for evening. Friday and Saturday is morning walks only, FYI. Wear comfortable shoes!


Kids don't care how good your taste in music is! Usually. via website
Kids don’t care how good your taste in music is! Usually. via website

SECRET BK LOCATION: DJ a kids party for a good cause

If you’ve always wanted to spin at the clurbs but you’re still teaching yourself how, here’s a way to flex your DJ chops for a low-stakes (read: it’s children) crowd: Dare2B is seeking an Event DJ for their annual Thanksgiving event, held 10am to 3pm on Thursday!

In order to protect the kids Dare2B serves, the event location will only be disclosed once you sign up for the position, and you can contact event organizer Khavel Smith-Martin at (718) 541-4412 to do so. FYI, they’re also in need of a balloon artist, so feel free to apply for that too… or just send in any clowns you know.

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