Brokelyn Special Events

Show and Tell (and Trade) is this Thursday! Get excited!

Well, chalk another one up for that stupid hurricane. We were really excited about our show and tell jam with Krrb, Ben Anastas and Dan Kennedy, but transit is a mess and we don’t want anyone endangering themselves trying to get there. So! With that in mind, we’ve pushed the event back two weeks, to Thursday, November 15. If you haven’t already, you can RSVP over on the Facebook page, and if you already RSVP’d, just sit tight for a couple more weeks. The good news is that it gives you more time to make Brooklyn literary puns and get your hands on a Kindle. Which will be useful for the next hurricane. The even more good news is that the promised food and drinks are going to be free beer from Brooklyn Brewery and free eats from the Southern-fried folks at Fat Beagle. We’ll see ya there!

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