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Sohn…we’ve still got this Kindle to give away

Heller, what have you got to lose? via The Guardian

It takes a brave man to admit when he’s wrong, and I will admit to goofing big in our previous Kindle giveaway: show and tell-themed puns are a bit esoteric, even for a population that supports a healthy pun competition. But we still want to give you the Kindle and we still want you to be excited for and come to our event with the folks at Krrb and Dan Kennedy. So with that in mind we’re changing the rules up a little. You still have to make puns, because we’d like to be entertained, but now they should be of the Brooklyn literary figure variety.

So, Ames your best puns at us and don’t hold back, we’re really Egan to hear them. Don’t just Mailer it in though, because we’re sure the competition will Lethem you behind if you do that. But let’s keep it clean down there guys, we don’t want to cast a Paul over the proceedings. We also don’t see what’s stopping you from blowing my puns out of the water, Foer I am terrible at them.


    • Conal Darcy

      Once, playing poker with a famous director, I was bluffing and considering betting everything. But I wasn’t sure if he would follow suit. So I asked myself, “Would he all-in?”

  1. racheld

    See, I told you a few examples would cause a Spike! Sigh, I’m terrible at puns. I’ll just take my Lovecraft back to my Fortress of Solitude and be Bored to Death.

  2. gene99

    What the Heller is wrong with you people? You can’t Bowles me over with your phony give away. Stop Kahning people. Get off your Asimov’s and write some real stories. Someone should Sendak you punks back to where you came from. There’s not a Whit-man amongst you.

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