Terrible weather makes you more productive, reports professor trying to look on the bright side

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Looks like a big pile of productivity to us. via Flickr user James D. Schwartz

Were you able to make it to work today, despite all the slush and the transit problems? We bet you’re real thrilled to be there, just like every day! And while you’re probably a little more miserable than usual, your boss is probably a bit happier than usual, because a fancy Harvard professor studied the how bad weather affects worker productivity and found that it makes us all more likely to get stuff done.

Business Week shared the findings of Harvard professor Francesca Gina, who says that since we’re not busy thinking of what we’d rather be doing, everyone focuses on actually doing their jobs. “Cognitive distractions and error rates were greater on nice days than on bad-weather days,” Gina found, which we guess makes sense. After all, when it’s snowing out, it’s not like you can spend time staring out the window hoping to maybe see an impromptu meeting of the Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society happening outside the 23rd floor of your office. That’s ridiculous. When it warms up though, then you never know.

So not only is it cold and dark and miserable during winter, but the uncaring and rapacious ownership class gets to take advantage of our enhanced productivity. Ugh, winter suckssss.

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