The Greenpoint-Kenya connection: Buy temp tattoos, help orphaned kids

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Way less annoying that KONY2012 posters.

Here we have another example of two entrepreneurial Brooklyn groups joining forces to tag team a big social issue and pin it to the mat, with the help of your donations, of course. The Greenpoint-based company Temporary Tattoo Project is a philanthropic organization that uses top tattoo artists (from places like Three Kings, NY Adorned and Brooklyn Tattoo) to create temporary body art. The tattoos are then sold to raise money for Flying Kites, another Greenpoint-based group that is building a home and school for abandoned, orphaned and abused children in Kenya. And to triple down on the benefit, Groupon is offering a deal today: donate $10 and get a stylish temporary tattoo; for eveyr $50 Groupon raises, the project will be able to support a child for another three months.

Check Greenpointers for more info, including an interview with the Temporary Tattoo Project’s founders and why they consider this tattoo charity “relevant to our generation.”

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