Tell your Sandy story and get a $20 Fairway gift certificate

Was this your boat? Tell Your Story wants to hear about it. Photo by Ben Britz
Was this your boat? Tell Your Story wants to hear about it. Photo by Ben Britz

If you were in Red Hook during Sandy, what were you going through? Was it scary? Did you think you were going to get washed away? Or was it more resigned irritation, knowing you’d have to clean all that shit up after the storm subsided? Did you form new bonds with neighbors? Where did you stay if you had to leave? If you’ve got answers to these questions or any other experiences you can only have by living in Red Hook during a hurricane, Tell Your Story wants to hear it!

The gist of it is pretty simple: Starting Saturday and running until March 9, Tell Your Story will set up at the Kentler International Drawing Space (the same space that hosted CARE for Sandy) and will welcome appointments and welk-ins to talk about what it was like to live in Red Hook before, during and after Sandy. You don’t have to be from Red Hook necessarily,  they’re also interested in stories from the army of volunteers that trucked down there. The ultimate goal is to edit the stories together for a short documentary to be shown at a fundraiser in mid-April.

So, what about this gift card business? Of course. If you’re one of the first 200 people to stroll in and tell your story, Tell Your Story will hook you up with a $20 Fairway gift card. Which is super rad, considering that you’ll be able to go there and spend it now. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that Red Hook is one of our favorite neighborhoods, so if you live there, get over to Kentler and tell your story so that we can see you in the documentary.

Tell Your Story, open March 2 – March 9 (closed March 6) 10am – 6pm, Kentler International Drawing Space, 353 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook

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