Tell your funniest date story and win $200

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Does this look familiar?

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One week in Broketown: Dave makes out with a stranger during a dance-floor balloon drop and someone yells “Get a room!” Rachel gets smoochy along with lots of other hammered horny hipsters on sloppy drunk bus back from Tiki Disco at Rippers Rockaway Beach. Alison ditches a jerky first date at Habana Outpost. Kenji gets romantical and makes crepes for his date, only to later discover she has severe gluten intolerance and he has actually poisoned her.

There are way more than eight million dating stories in this only sometimes Naked City. What’s yours?

Tell your funniest, silliest, most ridiculous mating or dating tale and you win a $200 AmEx gift card courtesy of MeetMoi, a new way to get instant, real-life intros to people you actually want to date. Email [email protected] with your story by Monday June 25 — that’s a week away — and you might be selected to win. To double your chances, download the MeetMoi iPhone or Android app and enter the word “brokelyn” in the Guest List field of registration.

Then all you have to do is figure out whether to spend your $200 on one really good date or 10 really cheap ones. And it doesn’t get much cheaper than making out with a stranger on the dance floor, DAVE.

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  1. Since I’m getting called out here, I’d like to clarify that I made out with the stranger on the dance floor when I met her, dancing. THEN we went to a show a few days later where the balloon drop making out happened. THEN someone yelled that at us out a window when we were sucking face on the street. I thought we’re all striving for journalistic integrity here?

    Shit, the worst thing I did was buy her a Rolling Rock at a bar after the show, which, if that’s why she ceased communication with me and she’s reading this right now, I can totally understand and I’m sorry.

    • Yes, download the MeetMoi app and put in the word “brokelyn” in the Guest List field during registration for a second entry.

  2. I recently went on a date with a girl who was profiled in her hometown paper by Marilyn Hagerty, aka the lady who reviewed the Olive Garden. Celebrity!

  3. ok, so you can tell a funny sex story? “mating”

    also, how do you write it? just spill the facts? do you get points for the way it’s told…or just the story itself?

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