How to get paid doing other people’s chores

TaskRabbits get paid to shop, clean, assemble and more.

In the past, you walked your neighbor’s dog or mowed their lawn for an extra Andrew Jackson in your back pocket. Nowadays, TaskRabbit can get you double that just for doing what other people are too busy/unskilled to do themselves: grocery shopping or waiting in line at the DMV. The site, which launched in NYC last week, pairs the odd job with the eager doer. Some people can make a living running several tasks daily. Dropping off and picking up a hat at repair shop can rake in about $13. Bigger tasks like website design and implementation pay more — picking up $1,000 in some cases.

Tasks available right now include a husband who needs someone to meet his wife with flowers and a poster on the Brooklyn Bridge. Another requested a grillmaster who would plan a menu, purchase the ingredients and prepare the meal for a rooftop cookout. Another simply needed someone to pick up their CSA share and deliver it to the office. These tasks are open to bids and can range from $25 to $100 for the grillmaster gig.

There is no fee to apply, but TaskRabbit has a multi-step process to ensure safety. The first step takes about 15 minutes and consists of questions about how you would get a task done. The site asks you to choose five specializations that can range from laundry to snow removal to computer help. The second portion is a video interview via webcam followed by a quiz that verifies you do know to separate light and dark fabrics.According to the confirmation email, it can take up to two weeks to become a TaskRabbit.

People needing help, or TaskPosters create a task and the max amount they are willing to pay for said task. If a task requires you to purchase materials, that amount is including in the payment.

With TaskRabbit, members place their bids for available tasks. The online marketplace also handles payment and processing, collecting credit card information in advance. After a task is completed, money is transferred to your profile account. TaskRabbit has a minimum of $25 earnings before you can cash out and expect a check in the mail.

The top skills are photographers, chefs and writers like me who could use the extra income. The most common tasks are requests for furniture assembly, cleaning and laundry. As a master of the delicate cycle, I’m only good for the latter. Of course, I could bid for the ever-growing request to prank a coworker or dressing up like a hotdog for a birthday party.


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