Puns ahoy! Win tickets to Punderdome

The river puns dry at the Punderdome 3000.

You there, bothering your coworkers and friends with your ceaseless tide of groan-inducing puns: did you know there is a support group for people like you and me? It’s called Punderdome 3000 and it’s returning this Monday at Southpaw in Park Slope. The ‘dome is a night of sheer concentrated silliness, the kind for which you would normally be roundly booed and ejected from your dinner table. You get a topic (say “Will Smith”) and then 90 seconds to come up with a pun, or many puns (“They connected Will Smith to the crime because he left behind fresh prints“), and then deliver them to the audience, which picks the winner. You’d be competing against well-versed punsters, including several from the Brokelyn stables. It’s normally $5 to watch or compete, but we’ve got 10 tickets to give away, and naturally, since Brokelyn is a pun on its own, they’ll go to the best punsters. Make sure to wear your big shoes, because winning this thing is no small feat. Read on! 

Seeing as we’re all abuzz with their very imminent baby, especially since Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted ringing in the New Year at Buttermilk Channel this weekend, our pun topic is BABYONCE. We’ll pick five best puns by 10pm Saturday to get a pair of free tickets to the Punderdome on Monday, 7:30pm at Southpaw.

I’ll start:

-I hear Beyonce’s put on a lot of weight since being pregnant, not she’s got a real empire state of behind.

-Jay and Bey are releasing a new single the day the baby comes out. It’s called Bonnet and Clyde.

-Jay-Z drafted up plans for his own crib, but he was advised against releasing another blueprint.



  1. Jay Z had Reasonable Doubt that the baby wasn’t his, but Beyonce convinced him she was Crazy in Love and that he was only one to Kingdom Come inside her. 

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