Take our survey about your Beer Book experience to make next year’s even better!

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Did you use your Beer Book at Branded? Let us know in our survey

As you know, we’ve been asking you guys to recommend the best bars in all of Brooklyn, so that we can put them in next year’s Beer Books. And yes, please keep telling us where we can find the best beers, most good times, most welcoming crowds and friendliest (or most interesting) bar staff in Brooklyn. As long as you’re doing that though, could you also take a second to take our survey about Beer Books 3 and 4, if you had one or both of them? It’s all pretty simple stuff, just asking things like how you acquired a Beer Book, how often you used them and whether you stuck around the bars it brought you to. We want to make 2014’s Beer Books even better than 2013’s, and a big part of that is hearing how you guys used them, so please, speak up and let us know!

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