Sweet job alert: Rookie looking for an editor with experience

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From the “Dear Diary” column. Too real. Via Rookie Mag.

Have you ever been a teenage girl? Would you like to continue to be a teenage girl while also getting paid? It’s not creepy, we promise. Rookie Magazine is an online magazine for teenage girls (actually, not ironically), and they’re looking for a full-time editor who’s down to work from home. Sure glossy crush-filled mags like Tiger Beat and J-14 have their place, but what about stuff like feminism and indie music and complex emotions like longing and nostalgia (for younger, more fetal days, we assume)? Rookie needs somebody. Are you that somebody? Inquire within. You can still talk about crushes if you really want.

As much as mainstream media is totally going to hell, it’s leaving room for all this cool stuff to happen, like (let me repeat myself) unapologetically talking about feminism to teenage girls. This is kind of a big deal you guys. Thom Yorke contributed to this website. I heard somewhere that women can have it all these days, so why not start young?

The news cycle for teens is a little slower than for your average news website, so it’ll be challenging, but not insanity-inducing. Rookie has monthly-themed content and updates three times a day, five days a week. They have high hopes for the future, including – but not limited to – maybe turning this from a full-time contract position to a salaried one down the line. And if that doesn’t sound appealing enough, according to their “About” blurb, they promise readers nothing short of  “millions of bad puns.” And we know you’re no rookie to that.

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  1. I do not have any experience but would love to work for a magazine. Please contact me! I am a mother of three. I was a teen mom as well. I am a hard worker. I really need a job as well. I will do what it takes to get the job done. If you want someone who has a drive and lets nothing get in her way then I am exactly the person you need on your team.


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