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Sweet job alert: Assemble 3D printers for MakerBot

Makerbot founder Bre Pettis with some of the things the Replicator can make. Via YouTube.

MakerBot is a hot Boerum Hill based startup with a mission to bring affordable 3D printing to the masses. Now the company is looking for a Productor! (exclamation theirs) to help put their kits and products together. Check out the new Makerbot Mixtape, a replica of a cassette tape that you can upload music to via the attached USB cable, and their newest technology in 3D printers, The Replicator™ (trademark theirs) which can now print in two colors of plastic. They have two Productor! positions posted, one for a day-time position and one for the night shift. To Producticate? (question mark ours), be a good multi-tasker who’s comfortable working with tools and building things, who “can fit right in as part of a team, or can become an individually working Ninja.” Perks include an unlimited supply of cool job points. Details:

Job Qualifications

  • Detail oriented. You pride yourself on getting it right every time
  • Self-motivator with a strong work ethic, and able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Have previous experience working in a warehouse type setting
  • Not afraid of getting dirty and sweating a little to get the job done!
  • Rock solid computer skills (e.g. Windows, Office, Internet)
  • Able to lift 35 lbs

Bonus Qualifications

  • Familiarity with 3D printing
  • Familiarity with MakerBot

Apply at Makerbot’s career page, where you will find both Productor! positions, as well as open sales positions.

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