Sweet job alert: ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ needs a top notch social media producer

Quick tweet something about with that people will want to engage with
Quick tweet something about with that people will want to engage with

As the old saying we all know and love goes, “when it rains CBS opportunities, it pours CBS opportunities.” Not only is the corporation represented by an enormous all-seeing unblinking eye looking to expand their writers rooms’ diversity, they’re also looking for a social media whiz to climb aboard the good ship Colbert and become the show’s new social media producer. So step right up if you think you’ve got what it takes to tweet the most relatable, engaging and viral Colbert content out there.

For a job that sounds like a pretty big deal, CBS is surprisingly chill on the actual job qualifications. You don’t need a set number of years of experience, you don’t need a bunch of other social media jobs in the past and most importantly it’s not technically a job requirement that you be a team player, which frees you up to be a social media lone wolf. What they do want is someone with Photoshop and headline-writing experience, the ability to multitask, social media savvy and the ability to be funny in 140 characters or less. Hell, this job could be our ticket out of this blog dump.

If you’re chosen as the Head Tweeter In Charge at Colbert, you’ll be responsible for a number of things. You’ll have to interact (nicely) with the show’s fans, livetweet the show, quickly make GIFs out of episode moments so you can tweet them and watch them get cannibalized by aggregators, keep the show’s account going through the day and make sure hot content gets a smooth rollout on the show’s many social media platforms.

You’ll basically be the one in charge of keeping millennials and the even worse generations that come after them engaged in the world of late night TV as more and more of them become cord cutters. Hey, no pressure though. If you want the job, apply here, and just remember that if you get the job after you see this post you’re legally obligated to lobby Colbert to sit down for no less than three (3) separate interviews with us in the next five years.

Tip your hat and apply for this job here. 

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