Sweet job alert: Emily Books is hiring a (paid) intern

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Can you make Emily Gould feel this comfortable? Then apply today! Photo by Lisa Corson, via Facebook

Hey, you there, nerd, you like books, right? Of course you do. Perhaps you like books so much you’d like to work around, with a person who’s piping hot in the book world. If so, apply today for this Emily Books internship, where not only will you get do your work reading and writing about books wherever you want, you’ll also be paid $10/hour. Sounds nice.

Emily Books, the web’s only curated e-book subscription service started by a former Gawker editor, needs an intern to read books, write about books, buy books (but you’ll be reimbursed), and do some non-book stuff like sending emails, proofreading and mysterious special projects. The job, which runs from September 1 to January 1, will pay you $10 for just five hours of work , sounds like the magically non-exploitative internship that dreams are made of. The only downside is that they prefer a college student, but hey, your mom and dad preferred a few more years of childless bliss before you were born, so preferences can be elastic obviously.

If you want in on this opportunity to tell people casually at parties, “Oh yeah, I work with Emily Gould, she’s a friend,” shoot an emil to intern [AT] emilybooks.com with your resume pasted in the body of the email by August 15. Also throw in any relevant experience, if you can produce podcasts (they want that) and links to your Twitter or Tumblr.

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