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Sweet Groupon gives you all the pinball you can handle for $10

modern pinball
You don’t need dad jeans to be awesome at pinball…but it helps. via Facebook

Does your New Year’s resolution involve getting more bumpers and flashing lights and pinball into your life in 2014? How oddly specific. Still, if it is, we’ve got a great deal for you: a new Groupon that will slash the price of a day pass at Modern Pinball (362 3rd Avenue), NYC’s awesome pinball showroom, from $20 to just $10. That means $10 for unlimited pinball the whole day. If you tell us you’ve got a better all-day activity than pinball, we just don’t believe you.

While using the Groupon won’t necessarily help you on your quest to play enough pinball to leave the store with a machine, it will allow you not to worry about money and instead just focus on getting that your initials, SEX on the top of the high score list.

And even though Modern Pinball is in Manhattan, it’s absolutely worth going to it, considering it’s an entire showroom full of over 30 pinball machines. Don’t want to go alone? You can get a day pass for two for $19 or a for four for $35 dollars. And what better way to spend time with friends than by not talking with them and reveling in a pinball machine’s warm glowing warming glow?

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  1. Modern Pinball is a great experience and well worth visiting. Modern Pinball makes the cut of top three places to play pinball in the New York City area. Only Silverball in Asbury Park, NJ (lots of electromechanicals and ’80s tables in amazing shape) and Sunshine Laundromat in Brooklyn, NY (all the top rated pin titles in unbelievable condition) have better machines + superior condition but if you want to stay in Manhattan, Modern is sure to satisfy.

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