Be the social media manager for the Late Show with Seth Meyers

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“Can any of you kids teach me Vine? I lied and told NBC’s CEO I know it.”

As you may have heard, Jay Leno is leaving the Tonight Show, again, and Irish favorite Jimmy Fallon is taking over. Put away your audition tapes, they already hired Seth Meyers to replace Jimmy. However, you can help promote the shows among the young ‘uns by becoming The Late Show‘s Social Media Manager.

NBCUniversal wants someone with good copywriting skills, a “passion” (argh) for social media, and three year’s experience writing for social media. You’ll also need a “willingness to work long hours and on weekends with short notice.” We suppose because Meyers frequently wakes up at 4am after a fever dream and desperately needs something tweeted NOW!

Kidding aside, this sounds like a sweet gig. Plus, you’ll get to hang out in 30 Rock, make funny asides to Tracy Jordan Morgan, all while pondering getting older in the city and experiencing sexual tension with your department’s executive head.

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