The Department of Sanitation is hiring and they have SWEET benefits

department of sanitation
“We solemnly swear to enjoy the sweet pension we get from this job.” via Facebook

Hey, you, reading a blog at 3pm on a weekday. You need a job? Why not get on the road to being a New York City garbageman? You can laugh all you want if you think we’re kidding, but registration is open for the next civil service test to join the Department of Sanitation, and if you want to turn your nose up at the job, you can just go back to your shitty life that doesn’t include across-the-board health insurance, a pension and a chance to move up in the department. Yeah, who’s laughing now.

That’s the thing about being a garbageman, is that for all the parts about it that suck, it’s a civil service job. So you get things like full health, dental and vision insurance that covers your whole family, and a pension. A pension! Who the fuck gets a job with a pension these days? Your salary will start at $33,746 and can rise to $69,339 after five years, before getting extra pay tacked on for longevity. And again, you have all those sweet benefits.¬†Although because of that, the biggest thing you’ll have to worry about besides doing your job competently enough to not be fired is some twerp from the Manhattan Institute running you down with his car for being a living embodiment of what they consider government waste.

If you wanna be a part of the Department of Sanitation, first make sure that you’re at least 17.5 years old, that you have a high school diploma or GED, that you live in New York City, Nassau County or Westchester. Then, make sure that you’ll still be alive by February 2015 when the civil service test happens, that you have a commercial drivers license by the time the the test happens and that you can pass a drug test and a physical by the time you take the test. Hopefully you don’t have a huge problem with that last one. Apply for the test¬†by October 31 if you think you’ve got what it takes, or if at the very least you just want them sweet benefits.

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