Sweet gig alert: Get paid to be a subway matchmaker

Want to help these people get off at bed-ford ave.?
Want to help these people get off at bed-ford ave.?

You know when you’re on the subway and you see two people eye-banging each other from across the train and you just want to stand up and be like “TALK TO EACH OTHER ALREADY YOU DANG HORN BALLS”?  You might be moved to do that as a good samaritan, but here’s an actual job where you can get paid to do some MTA matchmaking. The Love Conductor (aka Erika Christensen, who this reporter profiled last year) is hiring “subway cupids,” people to help her scour the subways looking for potential matches and otherwise spreading the word of how to help riders get into that love tunnel. It’s a part-time, commission based gig, which can net you up to $200 per match. Erika gives us some more details below:

Erika, who lives in Greenpoint, says of the gig:

” ‘Subway cupids’ are essentially recruiters. We need smart, magnetic and DISCIPLINED people to help us snag the best singles out of the subway.  Now, this doesn’t always mean striking up convos. We’ve found great success with ‘stick pocketing’ meaning getting our card to the people however we can- in books they’re reading, back pockets, Trader Joe’s bags, etc–I have tried them ALL.

Someone with a background in promotions might be good or who thrives on meeting goals. Being a bit of a Love nerd is also probably a must. There is also room for growth in this position because it could lead to becoming a matchmaker if that is of interest. My other Love conductor started as a recruiter and now she’s managing her own clients. We’re still pretty new so sky’s the limit!”

Pay: $1 for every card given, regardless of outcome. If a cupid finds a match, the commission can be $50-$200, based on what the client pays. If a person they spotted becomes a paying client, they get paid 15 percent of the package they signed up for.

For more info, see the job ad here or email [email protected]

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