Sweet! Enter next month’s Vegan Bake-Off

Can you do better than Clementine's cinnamon rolls? We bet you can.
Can you do better than Clementine’s cinnamon rolls? We bet you can.

As we’ve previously discussed, Brooklyn is home to plenty of vegan stick-to-your-ribs goodness. Of course, why should we let professional chefs have all the fun of making food? What, they know better than us just because they’ve devoted their whole lives to it? Our buddies at the skint are giving you the chance to prove your vegan red velvet cake is just as good as a pro’s by entering their Vegan Bake Off, at the Bell House.

As we went over above, please don’t be a professional baker. This is a contest for amateur bakers. Also, don’t include milk or eggs or animal products in your recipe. The rules are strict here: no honey either, even if you got it from your rooftop bee colony. Other than that though, go crazy! Make whatever desert you know how, and know how to make a lot of, because you’ll be making it for about 250 people. No pressure or anything. The entry form can be found here, but don’t sit and ponder what you’ll make for too long, the deadline to enter is February 1.

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