Sweat it outdoors with epic summer fitness guide

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Gyms, they try so hard to get you in the door, what with their discounts and freebies and entreaties to karma. But what about for the rest of us who just plain don’t like the gym, those who think that running and working out means making your way through the elements, not plodding on an infinity wheel in air conditioning while watching your membership dollars used to broadcast Nate Berkus‘s bland face? The city is a bastion of free fitness opportunities, and Well+Good’s new inaugural free Summer Wellness Guide lays it all out for you: 20-pages of yoga, outdoor fitness classes, bootcamps, canoeing, many of which don’t cost a thing! Plus: skin care tips and healthy restaurants with outdoor dining and there’s even a mashup-heavy running playlist to get you started!

The guide, put together by “wellness wire service” Well+Good and sponsored by BluePrintCleanse, covers the gamut of free and low-cost classes, “epic yoga events,” road races, running clubs, plus tips for traveling to the Hampton and summer-only fitness events such as volleyball and kayaking. The guide gets further Brokelyn points for its skin-care price-check for your summer beauty essentials and its roundup of healthy outdoor dining with some of our favorites, including Flatbush Farm!

Download yours today, and you may never have to see Nate Berkus while you work out again.

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