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Swaponomics: bring t-shirts, get Kiss albums

Some people (not us) have a hard time believing the concept “free.” Organizers at the Score! swap meet in BKLYNYard on Saturday repeatedly had to remind visitors that yes, it’s free, as in, just take as much as you can carry, and if you want more than you can carry, come back later with a bigger bag. Get used to it, folks—Mean Red Productions, the group behind the event, told us they’re trying to open a semi-permanent swap-meet store. But can you really get anything decent at these things? We performed a  spot check.

Photos by Tim Donnelly

Alex Leger, 24, assistant manager at Baked, Red Hook
Got rid of: Nothing: “I heard about this at midnight. I’m just here to take.”
Walked away with: New Ikea picture frames, art prints, a piece of a glass brick wall, a large wooden frame.  “It’s a project in itself just to refurbish it.”

david-trawinDavid Trawin, 27, Jersey City, designer for Busted Tees
Got rid of: Several Busted Tees shirts, art books, prints that were around the house collecting dust
Walked away with: A Reader’s Digest Treasury for Young Readers “I’m always kind of on the look out for old science books. They’re good for design.”

patrick-keenePatrick Keene, 23, assistant editor at Birkhauser, Willamsburg
Got rid of:
Books and records, including the Pretty in Pink soundtrack.
“I felt like I gave some good things.”
Walked away with: A small record player and several hair-metal albums from Kiss, Quiet Riot and Night Ranger, plus a copy of Bette Midler’s The Rose (“It’s for my roommate.”)

callan-wolffCallann Wolff, 21, student and model, Williamsburg
Got rid of:
Sweat equity. She volunteered.
Walked away with:
A bingo game to bring to a a bachelorette party in Pittsburgh next week. “I’m glad that something that’s ridiculous and of no use to someone else is of some use to me. It’s Pittsburgh, so there’s not really too much fun going on.”


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