Support democracy, get free concert tickets

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Fun. thinks voting is fun. Via Buzzfeed.

Do you sometimes suffer from feelings of political ineffectiveness? Do you exclude yourself from politics because “my vote doesn’t matter” because we live in solid blue country? More importantly: do you want to see live music but don’t have the dough?

HeadCount, an organization offering free admission for volunteers who register people to vote at concerts, can help you with all three of those problems. The group can’t legally reward you for voting lest it be construed as a bribe, but if you carry a clipboard around and politely ask people to stop their twirling/dancing to sign up to vote, you can hang at the show. Shows include indie (and Lena Dunham) darlings fun.’s show at Irving Plaza on Oct. 30; or if you’re of the jammier persuasion, HeadCount can also send you to Dispatch or Medeski, Martin & Wood. The full list of concerts is available in New York and other cities here.

Sign up at to volunteer and you can set the world on fire with all your political zeal singing “We Are Young” like it’s your job. Because for the night, it kind of is.

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