Things that make us feel good: bustin’, happy hours

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Post-movie happy hour? Hot dog!

What are the greatest things to happen to NYC in the past 30 years? Your answers had better include 1) Free summer movies at BK Bridge Park, 2) Bill Murray and, therefore: 3) Ghostbusters. And what an inspirational tale to modern-day New Yorkers too: Outcasts from Columbia set up shop in an abandoned building to DIY a crazy new business venture and make it work, even long before Etsy! This week we return to the Big Apple of Venkman and Slimer as Ghostbusters screens Thursday night. Now the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Junior Committee is sweetening the pot with a post-movie happy hour available through a password announced at the screening. Here’s hoping the password is “Ecto Cooler Colada.” Details below!

The post-movie happy hour will be at Superfine at 126 Front Street. To get the discount, pay attention during the screening or follow on Twitter: @JrCommitteeBBPC later that evening. The happy hour gets you $2 off any drink except bottled beer, and will continue throughout the rest of the movies of the season.

And in case you forgot, here’s the rest of the list for the summer so you can start clearing off your Thursdays. All movies start after sunset but the music at the park begins at 6pm.

July 14 – Ghostbusters
July 21 – Sweet Smell of Success
July 28 – Basquiat
August 4 – An American Tail
August 11 – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
August 18 – Crooklyn
August 25 – Rosemary’s Baby
September 1 – Public Vote – Choose your own favorite New York story! Film list for the public vote will be announced on August 25. Visit to cast your vote.

Oh, and one more thing: Ghostbusters is probably the best movie that exists. Watch it again with your adult eyes and try to dispute this. Dont’ believe me? Back off, man, I’m a scientist.

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  1. Looking forward to Ghostbusters (obviously) – and the movies are set on a great lawn with Lower Manhattan as a backdrop. It’s pretty cool

  2. Tim already knows that I’ve never seen Ghostbusters, but I just wanted to admit it to the rest of the internet right now. I’ll be there Thursday!

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