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Super deals for the Super Bowl, even for non fans

We miss you, Joe. And that coed.

Whether you love the game, or just love to get drunk with friends, it’s seems there are a lot of establishments trying to get your attention on Sunday. Going to a bar for Super Bowl can be very expensive, however, dear Brokelynite, do not be deterred by bars charging high pre fixes just for food and entry (here’s looking at you, Angry Wades and Cody’s). A lot of Brooklyn bars are offering free food and great drink specials. And for those who don’t give two (toe) licks about football, there are some non-game options, as well. Find out below.


Top Pick

Giant beers from our last trip to Turkey's Nest (make sure to keep track of which one is yours)

Turkey’s Nest, Williamsburg: In addition to their already cheap $4 32 oz Coors and Bud Light, the nest is offering a full FREE buffet featuring 15 different dishes. A bartender informed me,“Yeah. We’ll have everything. It’s free. I mean everything, from pasta to meat. We always do it for Super Bowl. It’s good time.” He was so matter of fact about it, that you have to believe him. Eight TVs will be showing the game.

Second best

Black Horse Pub, Park Slope: $3 drink specials all day and a free half-time buffet of fries, chicken wings, sausage and chili. Just so you know: The fries are ridic, and since the Black Eyed Peas are playing half-time, it’ll distract you from their car-commercial sounding tunes.

Honorable mentions

The Brazen Head, Cobble Hill: The bar is not only extending its happy hour (dollar off everything) throughout the game, they are also selling beer for $5 (including cask) and offering you some of Lou’s Famous Chili (traditional and vegetarian). I have not idea who this “Lou” is, but every time he’s giving out his free chili at the Brazen, it goes quickly. If you have interest; make sure to get there early.

Berry Park, Williamsburg: Sadly for soccer fans, BP will be projecting football Americano on their 18-foot screen on Super Bowl Sunday. Happily for everyone, they will be serving unspecified food and drink specials. That could mean anything, but the space is huge so seeing the game shouldn’t be a problem.

Trash Bar, Williamsburg: The bar’s got “sandwich fixin’s and salads” for free, y’all! However, no mention of drinks specials. All I know is I’ve hit up this place way to much for free tater tots (sadly no longer available) to show my face here again: That chick with the high waisted mom jeans knows me way too well.


Parade: Now that it’s the year of something fluffy and cute, you can celebrate at Brooklyn’s Chinese American Association’s Lunar New Year Parade in Sunset Park. People born in the year of the rabbit are considered talented, ambitious, and financially lucky. Let’s hope that will trickle down to everyone else this year.Performances begin at 11am; the parade itself will go down 8th Avenue between 50th and 60th streets from 12-1pm.

Dirty lessons: Babeland on Bergen St, is hosting a Super Bowl-themed-reason-to-sell-vibrators event. You may cringe at jokes such as “learn a few moves of your own and surprise your guy after the big game,” and “no matter whose team takes home the Super Bowl trophy you’ll be a champion in the bedroom!” But free Blue Sky Bakery pastries and coffee will ease the pun pain. Starts at 12:30pm.

Open Mic: Freak Bar in Coney Island is starting its own weekly open mic this Sunday. “Musicians, comedians, poets, performers of all kinds welcome,” and everyone will have a 15-minute, three-song limit. The bar will be serving espresso drinks, beverages and baked goods. Also, you can sneak out to check out the Polar Bear swim, happening outside. For jumping in ice cold water, they get bagels. So make friends. Show starts at 2:30pm, with sign up at 2. Polar bears hit the water at 2 pm.

Is there something we missed that you think should be put in this list? Put it in the comments!


  1. Eric Silver

    Great round-up! Here’s another deal I just heard about last night:

    Da Nonna Rosa (140 7th Ave in Park Slope) is charging $10 for people who come to their party, which gets you 2 beers and access to an app buffet including chicken fingers, wings, and mozzarella sticks. All pies are $10, too.

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