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More favorite eats in Sunset Park

la gran via bakerySunset Park, we just can’t quit you. As a resident of the neighborhood and surrounding area for nearly four years, I’ve been able to partake in all of its minimally gentrified goodies. It’s now no longer a secret that Sunset Park is an affordable oasis in the money sinkhole that is greater NYC, and that’s why Brokelyn keeps going back for more. And this week, the Daily News gets in on the bargains by profiling the neighborhood it its Savings in Brooklyn series. After the jump, their picks, and a few of mine.

George’s Diner (5701 Fifth Ave. at 57th Street) gets a nod from the News, but I personally have to recommend Sunset Park Diner & Donuts (889 Fifth Ave. at 39th Street). Definitely a newer addition in the ‘hood than the aforementioned 53-year-old establishment, it’s worth a stop in from time to time, if for nothing else than to sober up on some donuts at 3am in peace without the presence of chatty hipsters.

Brooklyn’s Tiki Bar (885B Fourth Ave.  at 33rd Street), is absolutely a bar deserving a mention in the Daily News, but Maria’s Bistro Mexicano (886 5th Ave. at 39th Street) has some great authentic eats. A $7 frozen avocado margarita is a splurge worth sharing.

Los Fernandez Meat and Fish Market (5013 Fifth Ave. at 51st Street) was the market of mention, but I have to give a shout out to Fei Long Market (6301 Eighth Ave. at 63rd Street). Watch out for an upcoming post by yours truly on the cheap cuts of meat, especially fish, that can be found in that supermarket.

Also take note of La Gran Via Bakery (4516 Fifth Ave. at 44th Street). I don’t know if petit fours are on that list, but if you click on the “Bite Size Treats” link, you’ll notice that the listings are entirely in Spanish. Don’t worry—a menu all or partially in a foreign language is a stamp of authenticity in this borough. Be sure to grab a cupcake or two when you pass through. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more moist slice of cake for a reasonable price elsewhere.

la gran vie pastries
Sampling the wares from La Gran Via.


  1. The bite-sized treats section is a catering part of the site. They are mainly mini-sandwiches and mini-pasteles of the savory variety.

    The donuts at Gran Via go for three for a dollar – greasy goodness, especially with a cafe con leche.

  2. Amina

    I think George’s is much better than the Sunset Park Diner, there is really no comparison with the quality of the food. I live only one block from SunPark Diner, unfortunately.

  3. I live two blocks from Sunset Diner and Donuts and I used to live on the same block as Georges. The food is pretty equal, but I’d give the nod to Sunset Diner for their chocolate donuts and their burgers, which are delish. I’d add Maria’s, Eclipse, and Ba Xuyen to the list of Sunset Park’s best. Been here almost 3 years and finding new deliciousness all the time!

  4. Wait, what? The food at Diner and Donuts is AWFUL. Definitely cheap, and I have not tried the donuts, but the sandwiches are really bad. It’s unfortunate because I live right next door.

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