Sunday Reads

Ate at Joe's (photo by Anna Gianfrate)
Ate at Joe’s (photo by Anna Gianfrate)

Summer is almost over, UGH. Get to the beach and read these awesome Sunday reads before it’s gone.

On Typography: “A, B, C, D, E, F, G…” [Gizmodo]
On Enforcement: “‘I never crushed anyone’s testicles,’ he says.” [GQ]
On Pandas: “‘I want your badge number!’ he yelled from the porch.” [TPR]
On Blame: “It is a terrible catastrophe but it is not our fault.” [Telegraph]
On Definition: “Imagine this paragraph being twenty years long.” [N+1]
On Formulae: “Brooklyn’s obviously very different than when we started…” []
On Spaces: “The biscuits are something that people remember so distinctly.” [BKLYNR]
On Decisions: “Why did they even come out to dinner just to sit in silence?” [Hairpin]
On Pills: “Ameisen, a cardiologist, claims there is a pill that cures alcoholism.” [LRB]
On Grads: “My big indulgence while I was working was hard cover books.” [Billfold]
Whereupon lulz: “Even the Scriptures were not considered too sacred to abbreviate.” [Salon]
On Nostalgia: “This anxious, ravenous speedup of nostalgia—getting wistful over goodies that never went away—is more than a reflection of the overall acceleration of digital culture, a pathetic sign of our determination to dote on every last shiny souvenir of our prolonged adolescence, and an indictment of our gutless refusal to face the rotten future like Stoic philosophers.” [Vanity Fair]

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  1. I don’t have anything to say about this article. I like reading Brokelyn. But if you guys don’t cut out the auto-playing advertisement bullshit, you’re going to lose at least one reader. No one wants to get blasted with an ad for free checking at Santander.

    Fix that junk, man.

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