Sunday Reads

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“U.K. Average Income,”Occupy Liz, by Ivan Cash and Andy Dao, 2014.

Nothing’s better than breakfast and Sunday reads:

On Rules: “Meanwhile in China.” [Twitter]
On Aardvarks: “Taxonomically speaking, this is unfortunate.” [New Yorker]
On Centennials: “To the children, I say and repeat: do not make war.” [Awl]
On Musical Chairs: “On a technicality like there was no room in the courtroom!” [NYPost]
On Money: “…defacing currency as an act of political defiance.” [Slate]
On Hopelessness: “The recession has taken a toll on millennials…” []
On Walls: “…note that America might be a little more broke than it wants to show. “ [Medium]
On Satisfaction: “When did rage become such a dominant emotion in my life?” [Billfold]
On Honky-Tonk: “The city is a machine for teaching people to be city-dwellers.” [Aeon]
On Never Forgetting: “Are they going to stop everyone from using the trade center…?” [NYT]
On Artifacts: “Screw the Smithsonian, the Louvre, the Prado and the Uffizi Gallery.” [Gothamist]
On Turkish Coffee: “…the air of my neighborhood smelled of bitter teargas.” [Nowhere]

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