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Two steps… back [via WaitButWhy]

Two steps… back [via WaitButWhy]
On Lasts: “Will it be a nice God?” [WBW]
On Route: “time-for-maps likes this” [mapporn]
On The New Poverty: “Another week, another breathless report…” [WaPo]
On Bucks: “How much money is currently in your bank accounts?” [Medium]
On Personality: “Every protest imaginable was at one time held there.” [reddit]
On Menaces: “Not everybody is taking the feline bully seriously, though.” [Time]
On Doomed to Repeat: “…even the greatest moralists … never criticised slavery.” [Guardian]
On This Is Important So What Are You Going To Do About It?: “About $8 billion is spent each year for New York City residences that cost more than $5 million each…” [NY]


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