Sunday Reads

Looks like Manhattan’s mom let it have the laser background for school photo day. (via WaPo)

On Availability: “These luxuries are not new.” [QZ]
On Edge: “Paintings only give a peek into a scene.” [EA]
On Turnabout: “Leave Giselle! You are too beautiful!” [Awl]
On Location: “Yet satellites and algorithms only get you so far.” [Wired]
On Relocation: “That necessitates, at some level, … “calculated misery.’” [NYer]
On Dislocation: “…we don’t just rearrange books and check them in and out…” [WP]
On WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA: “…no punctuation at all around rectal feeding.” [RS]
On OH, THAT’S JUST GREAT: “‘There wasn’t the same kind of fear in the air,’ he said.” [NYT]
On B&T Crowding: “It’s an exercise that will make you very thankful for public transport.” [WaPo]
On Recruits: “ISIS now said to be in possession of powerful Magic: The Gathering deck” [Twitter]

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