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Wish we were here. (via Aeon)

On Sonewalls: “Why did those cops attack you?” [Vice]
On Starting Anew: “Simply put, the world had changed.” [Aeon]
On Definition: “On some level, my life was transformed.” [Hairpin]
On Echos: “They are lost literally and lost in history…” [Toronto Star]
On Damnation: “This was a belief system born out of persecution.” [Guardian]
On Explanations: “That’s a secret that’s going to go to my grave with me…” [MF]
On Ways: “I’m afraid of car crashes, but not afraid enough to slow down.” [Medium]
On Me Time: “One thing Newton never did do … was play at the seashore.” [Nautilus]
On Accomplishment: “In other words, don’t envy them because they’re young.” [LMag]
On Space, Man: “That’s a nice twenty million tons of mineral ore you’ve got there.” [TSitF]
On Payoffs: “…some people take on more student loan debt than they can afford.” [WaPo]
On Infamy: “At first they thought it was a drill. Maybe the local Navy aviators were doing some bombing practice. Strange that it was happening on a Sunday morning, though.” [Tampa Bay Times]

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