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Behold, the shiny, slimy Gowanus (From Steven Hirsch: Oceanides, 2014 via NYRB)

On Bindings: “Why is there still a Strand Book Store?” [Vulture]
On Sheens: “My lungs would throb. … I’d break out in rashes.” [NYRB]
On Demand: “Feeding ourselves … has been thoroughly disrupted.” [Kernel]
On Oneness: “To be blunt, I wanted neighbors with French Bulldogs.” [Observer]
On Watchers: “He learned from a … journalist that he was under surveillance.” [VV]
On Legs Up: “America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others.” [WP]
On Shifts: “A growing number of suburban areas are achieving [a] ‘melting pot’ status.” [NR]
On Land: “…she can earn approximately $2 after collecting about 100 kg of rust a day.” [Atlantic]

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