Sunday Reads

Your new hip home. (via Village Voice)
Buffalo is so last year. (via Village Voice)

On a Roll: “Keep looking up!” [NASA]
On Ha Ha, No: “Why do the kids love Buffalo?” [VV]
On the Road: “‘Aamreeka?’ he asked gleefully.” [Narratively]
On Tips: “Top knots only look good on women and the samurai.” [BD]
On Dough: “…sometimes just having a debit card feels safer.” [Billfold]
On Word: “A document … is a container for other ideal forms.” [NYRB]
On Addiction: “That’s why … we call debt the ‘white man’s dope.” [NPR]
On Nomenclature: “The white racial slur we’ve all been waiting for.” [Medium]
On Weed: “…the centerfolds in High Times depicted feats of horticulture…” [NYT]
On Oh, Great: “We are absolutely committed to protecting our users’ privacy…” [WaPo]
In ID’s: “From the minute I saw him with that gun I thought, ‘let me survive this…’” [LVL]
On Duos: “…a tote bag you can take with you to a literary party and/or drug-fueled orgy.” [MH]
On Big Plans: “…we’ve set loose an obsessive perfectionist in the middle of a swamp…” [NatGeo]

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