Sunday Reads

Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)
Trains as a canvas (via Dissent)

On Where the Heart Is: “I guess you could call it urban camping.” [NYT]
On Reality: “A trip into Real America is above all a test of faith.” [Gawker]
On Being Out of Our Depths: “Higher sea level leads to higher tides…” [NR]
On Last Rites: “It wasn’t just over there. I brought it back here with me.” [FP]
On Tags: “These communities gave an insider feel to graffiti culture.” [Dissent]
On Appellations: “The name doesn’t have some clever double-meaning…” [Awl]
On Paradise Lost: “…she fell like a sack of flour dropped from a truck.” [Longform]
On Wait Watchers: “They tend to … seize opportunities that come up.” [Atlantic]
On Nothing to Lose: “Like many of her peers, Andre wants more than a job.” [NPR]
On Pings: “There was only one instruction: ‘Avoid missing ball for high score.’” [Slate]
On Reflexive Actions: “…many revealed secrets that they had never told anyone…” [NYMag]
On Street Smarts: “City raccoons also appear smarter than their rural counterparts.” [Nautilus]

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