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Students with a very good reason to be happy. (via ThinkProgress)

On Swings: “Greg Maddux! On top of a fire truck!” [SBNation]
On Weed: “The stakes, as advertised at the event, were ‘high.’” [NYP]
On the Young and the Debt-less: “Tuition fees are unjust…” [ThinkProgress]
On Flight: “Opportunities abroad, however, seem to be on the upswing.” [NR]
On Shorts: “‘Do you like short stories?’ he asks between mixing drinks.” [NYT]
On Living Daylights: “Such mental failures should perhaps not surprise us.” [BBC]
On Returns: “No happiness was attached to the word ‘Angola’, no lightness.” [CC]
On Wetware: “I don’t worry that we’ll become dumb because of the Internet,” [PRI]
On Flashes: “I wish to go into the blue universe again next year to photograph.” [Atlantic]
On Lines: “Wallace messed up, and a person lost his shoulder in the process.” [Narratively]
On Crown Jewels: “…the immediate neighborhood is redolent with a nutmeg-like odor.” [FNY]
On Total-Ignorance-of-Media-Ethics: “also, he was an associate editor not an editor” [Gawker]
On What Plants Crave: “Sometimes in comedy, graphics are the straight man…” [TriviaHappy]

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