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Parliamentary buildings: where the hip hang out. (via New Republic)

On Choice: “The pizza must fit in the oven.” [WaPo]
On Chivalry: “His rule? ‘You invite, you pay.’” [The Atlantic]
On Gigs: “Was my house cleaner … homeless?” [New Yorker]
On Geil: “Berlin isn’t the only city trying to sell itself as ‘poor but sexy.’” [NR]
On Sunrises: “As you may have heard, things are happening in Sunset Park.” [6sqft]
On Safety: “A bike rider is flesh, bones, tendons and skin against a two-ton S.U.V.” [NYT]
On Vines: “…citizen-captured footage has become a vital part of conflict coverage…” [Medium]
On Video Games: “I’ve spent a few days inside the body of an angry Hugh Jackman-lookalike.” [Time]
On Old-is-New-Again: “Throughout the restoration, we’ve only gotten a few glimpses inside…” [Curbed]

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