Sunday: Write your ass off with Ira Glass (for a good cause)

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Like Brad Pitt with glasses, this man is. Ira Glass will be at the Write-a-Thon this weekend.

This Sunday, the NY Writers Coalition is hosting its seventh annual Write-a-Thon at the Mark Morris Dance Center. The event is called “Write Your A** Off” and it works like this: You raise $150 and then you get to go to workshops with these people. The money you raise goes to support the coalition’s free creative writing programs for inmates, formerly homeless, substance abusers and other marginalized literary talents.

You don’t have to have a rap sheet to participate in Sunday’s workshops on yoga & writing, meditation & writing, and other things & writing (though nothing spices up a memoir like jail time!) We’re excited for lunch-time speaker Ira Glass, host of This American Life and top 10 smart-girl crush. Register for the Write-a-Thon here, then go raise a pile of money because the more you raise, the more likely you are to win a nice prize. Also, here’s the schedule.

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  1. HEY! i’m doing this. and i just saw that if you refer someone you get $50 added to your donation. who wrote this mess? i’ll say they referred me!!!!!

    oh, by “mess” i mean super awesome and informative article which inspired me to go sign up and raise dough-nations. seriously. great article.

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